Essay on The Battle Of The Little Sisters

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The battle of the little sisters of the poor
Do you like having the freedom to worship in whatever you believe in? Like all seven billion people on planet earth most people do not like being told what to do. In this case going against the faith of The Little Sisters of the Poor. The little sisters had sued under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act over the birth control mandate in Obama care. Obama care says that organizations had to give their employees, contraceptives and the little sisters of the poor being a Catholic organization that’s against their faith.

The law was made to keep people safe and gives them their rights like Amendment one it give us “the Freedom of Religion...” (US). The little sisters are fighting the law because “The accommodation discriminates among religious organization in violation of the religion clause” (Messner). The Little Sisters of the poor is an organization that helps the elderly poor around the world, they give them a home where they will be welcomed as Christ, cared for as family and accompanied with dignity until God calls them home. The little sister, Loraine Marie Maguire said that “We perform this loving ministry because of our faith and simply cannot choose between our care for the elderly poor and our faith and we should not have to” (Last). They love what they do; they feel it’s what God called them to do to help and it is wrong to make them do something against their faith, like what’s in Obama care.
Under Obama care…

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