Essay The Battle Of The Holy War

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The First Crusade brought about a new nature of war that was seen as a new way to salvation by many of the warriors who fought during this time. This holy war was fought in the name of God, and created in a sense, an ethical revolution that caused the idea of violence to be viewed much differently. Many of the Christian warriors believed that they would be placed in heaven for killing their enemies in the name of God, and viewed the slaughter of their adversaries as righteously just, adding to their name as warriors of Christ. In the Old Testament there are set guidelines on how one should fight in the name of God found in Deuteronomy, pronounced by Moses himself on the eve of the Israelites entrance into the Promise Land. Urban II’s call to crusade also gives several reasons why one should fight in the name of the Lord, and plays a main role in creating this new concept of holy war. Its gives a new meaning, to what crusaders believed to be justifiable violence, and contributes to creating the ethical revolution during this time period. Both the Old Testament and Urban II’s call to crusade contain several concepts on the idea of holy war, and motives that cause a shift that allows the idea of holy war to be seen as a virtuous and honorable event. The first concept that shifts the idea and view of holy war comes from the Old Testament about how warriors should first interact with a city when they wish to attack it. According to the Book of Deuteronomy, “if at any time thou…

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