The Battle Of Pearl Harbor Essay

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It was December 7th 1941. Americans were going about their daily lives and not realizing the traumatic event that would later shake the nation. The tension between the United States of America and the Japanese empire had been building with disagreements about expanding territory and relations with China. The attack on the naval base of Pearl Harbor was a pre-planned attack by the Japanese meant to disable the United States to keep them out of the West Indies, an attack for Japan’s own selfish gain. The Japanese sent hundreds of fighter planes to attack the many naval vessels at Honolulu which damaged nearly 20 of the ships in the United States Navy and three hundred airplanes. This attack also killed over two thousand American soldiers and wounded at least one thousand. The very next day, President Franklin D. Roosevelt urged congress to declare war on Japan and Congress made it so. The traumatic event of Pearl Harbor caused the Nation of the United States as a whole to go to war, create the inhumane Japanese internment camps because of the fear they had of Japanese American citizens, and it caused the United States to come out of isolation and join the allied powers creating bonds with foreign Countries.
The most immediate and consequential effect of the attack on Pearl Harbor was the United States decision to declare war on Japan and the rest of the axis powers. Before the war, America and Japan were already butting heads. Japan was upset because they relied on the steel…

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