Essay about The Battle Of Manipulating Information Against The World

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The Battle of Manipulating Information against the World

Don Draper and Tom Rath are the main protagonists from each of “fictional” worlds, Mad Men and The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, respectively. Draper and Rath follow their own particular beliefs such as women, spilling information to the right people in the most appropriate way, and dealing with themselves when they are alone. Draper works at Sterling Cooper as the creative director where he has to persuade his clients that Sterling Cooper’s is the right choice for them as long as they stay with them. Along with that, Draper has served in the Korean War. Unlike Draper, Rath has an office job at Schanenhauser Foundation and has served in World War II. Both men had sex with women before but Draper goes overboard with multiple women. Overall, with regard to their inner integrity and self-honesty based on appeals of women, manipulation of information, and self-reassurance, I believe Tom Rath is the most faithful to his code.

Throughout the mid-1950’s and 1960’s, women have been portrayed as merely housewives and never had a big role in society except in their own homes. Draper goes out with an amplitude of women throughout New York, but the women that he has sex with are the ones who aren’t housewives. In the first season the viewers see Draper hanging out first with Midge Daniels and later on with Rachel Menken. They are both single and were considered as independent women who didn’t rely on other men for their needs.…

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