Essay on The Battle Of Gettysburg And Vicksburg

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Two Parts of a Greater Whole The American Civil War did not have an inevitable outcome during it 's first few stages of development. Nevertheless, the Battle of Gettysburg and Vicksburg became a turning point for the Civil War. Both of these battles ended in favor for the Federal Government also known as the Union, North, or Yankees. There were many casualties from both the Union and the Confederates. These Confederates created a government that only included states that had seceded from the Union, they were also known as the South. Even though the victories at these two battles were in favor for the Union both of the sides put in a lot of work and men. For example, twenty thousand soldiers had died only at the Battle of Gettysburg. The number of casualties increased throughout the next few years yet each soldier left a great impact in history. These two battles became crucial to the perspective of both the Union and the Confederates. Along with these two battles carrying the heavy label of being turning points led to new diplomatic, psychological, and strategic features. The Union used these features to eventually help them win war and ultimately unify the country. The Battle of Gettysburg commenced on June 1863 and lasted around three days but the results decided a decision for the Confederates. The Confederate general Robert. E. Lee decided to invade the North by cause of doing well on the previous battles. There were more than seventy five thousand troops that moved…

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