Essay about The Bastion Point Occupation : A New Zealand

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The Bastion Point occupation is a New Zealand nationally famous protest to which Maori further established a voice and had pride for their culture and what they believed in. This paper will discuss how they had to go to drastic measures for their voice to be heard and also some of the consequences endured from that. The context and history leading to this protest is hugely influential on why the protest occurred in the first place. The Maori Land Action Committee had a lot of concerns to why they were motivated to protest but with any protest they also faced a hurdle of challenges, to which will always end with consequences. According to the Waitangi Tribunal (2016) the Orakei block was a block of land that was 700 acres in size and originally owned by the Ngati Whatua. Bastion Point is a 60-acre section of this block and it is located to the east of what now is called Mission Bay. In 1886 the Crown acquired 13 acres of this block for defence purposes under the Public Works Act, as defence was of public interest. The Crown further went onto acquire most of the Orakei block and assured that it was only for the Crown, for it to then be loaned to European settlers, which the Crown eventually gifted to the individuals, all much to the protests of Ngati Whatua. By 1976 majority of the land was developed except Bastion Point, the Government then released plans to develop it into high value housing and parks, because it was no longer required for defence purposes, but the Ngati…

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