The Baseball Club : Oakland Athletics Essay

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Oakland Athletics There are a total of thirty teams that make up Major League Baseball. One of those organizations located in Oakland California is the Oakland Athletics and were founded in the year 1901. Over the years the A 's haven 't necessarily been a powerhouse in Major League Baseball. However, in the year two thousand and two, general manager Billy Beane attempted something that no other baseball club had done before. During the off season Billy and his staff began to rebuild the Oakland Athletics based off of stats and what the numbers said. In doing so the A 's got all of baseballs attention when their rebuilt team of scrubs began turning their season around not only by winning games but breaking records in the process. "The impression the A 's players give is of some incredulity, tempered by faith in Beane. "People I talked to this winter were like, 'What the hell? They floated our boat, what are we doing getting rid of them? '" Hatteberg says. "But everybody finished up by saying, 'How can you argue with Billy? ' It 's not blind faith either. He 's lost big names in the past and done well (Habib 1)."Although Oakland has been the home of a number of Hall of Fame players and won nine world series titles the two thousand and two season will go down in history as one of the most memorable seasons in franchise history. While being in professional baseball for over one hundred years the Athletics have done it all and have made Californians proud.…

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