The Awakening: My Critical Essay

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Tony Orellana
Mrs. Johnson
AP Literature
March 6th, 2012

Title and Author
The title of the novel is The Awakening by Kate Chopin.
Setting and its Significance
The Awakening is set in New Orleans at the end of the Victorian era. The significance of the novel being set in the Victorian era is the way women are treated and looked at. For a typical Victorian woman, she was expected to be faithful and do what the husband desires, take care of the children, and basically be entertainment for man. If affects the novel because the main character will go through awakenings that will challenge this social norm.
Point of View and the Significances The point of view of The Awakening is third person omniscient that looks over mostly at Edna
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Summary and Evaluation
The Awakening: a Refusal to Compromise
Kate Chopin’s The Awakening shows the heroine’s sexual initiation in a battle for self-assertion and herself. As a negative part of her growth, the main character—most likely an artist—becomes alienated from traditions required by society and is unable to fulfill her desire to interact with others and to get to her need for artistry. As almost always, when a man writes a novel, the hero chooses an apostasy in which the male gets both his desires. Although when a woman writes a novel it usually involves the same situation, yet ending in their disaster. This difference shows the roles of the genders in this society. Kate Chopin put the setting of the Awakening in the New Orleans Creole Society at the end of the century. Chopin has had much criticism as saying that Edna is a woman that had a romantic illusion that in the end spun her sins brought her to utter demise. Chopin was forces to deny her pride in her character Edna, yet it is easily seen that she intended to make a her a courageous woman that wanted companionship and liberty. Edna has a double Awakening. First one is she wants to be free, although she wants to have a union with a companion that would provide emotional connection and intimacy, and would help her achieve her freedom. This first awakening becomes a knowing of her conflict as wife and mother, and her

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