The Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Asd ) Essay

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The autism spectrum is classed by the CDC (2014) as one of the top three neurodevelopmental disorders. Recent research suggests that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is found to be prevalent in 14.6 of 1000 children aged 8 years in the US (Christensen et al., 2016). ASD is an umbrella that contains 3 disorders, however the DSM 5 includes two rarer childhood developmental conditions. Before this, they were classed conditions independent of each other. This essay will explore how the changes to the DSM 5 criteria for diagnosis will impact clinicians conception of the autism spectrum. This is important for future diagnoses. Beginning with clinical definitions of the disorders, this essay will follow with a critical evaluation of how the changes will affect future diagnosis. developmental disorder (PDD/PDD-NOS) and autistic disorder. Also considered were Rett syndrome and childhood disintegrative disorder. ASD is symptomized by disturbances in communication and social skills and restricted or repetitive behaviour patterns. DSM 5 defines criteria as deficits in social emotional reciprocation, non verbal communication, difficulty in developing and maintaining relationships, as well as adjusting behaviour. Those with the condition also have restricted or repetitive behaviour, find change distressing and have fixated interests.
As it is a neurodevelopmental disorder, symptoms must be present in childhood. There are three levels to the spectrum; requiring support, requiring…

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