The Attack On Pearl Harbor Essay

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It was a sunny, beautiful day on the December 7, 1941, when citizens of the society were waking up to do their regular chores. “At 7:55 (1:25 p.m. in Washington, D.C.) the first Japanese planes swooped down simultaneously at Hawaii’s Army air base at Hickam Field and at Hawaii’s Navy air base on Ford Island in the middle of Pearl Harbor. Almost immediately, the first Japanese torpedoes struck their targets in the harbor.”1 This is the day that everyone will remember in the history of the world. The surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan happened in the early morning. The Americans were caught off guard by the Japanese fleet. The attack resulted in an outburst of horrifying deaths among Americans, including the loss of war fleets from the naval base. Resulting in Americans entering World War II, although at first they did not want to engage in World War II. “The “day that will live in infamy” ended with the deaths of over 2,400 sailors, Marines, and soldiers, along with the massive damage and destruction of eight battleships.”2 After the devastating destruction of the naval base, the Americans immediately announced the next day that it will enter the World War II. Japan 's intentions were clear when they attacked the United States. The reason for that,“It was dangerously dependent on America for scrap iron, steel, and above all oil: 80 percent of its petroleum came from the United States. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration had been attempting for years to use…

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