Essay on The Atmosphere Of Earth, Venus And Mars

1688 Words May 17th, 2015 7 Pages
The Earth is very similar to Venus in terms of mass and density, while Earth and Mars are planets that roughly have the same amount of dry land surface area [4]. However, the overwhelming majority of evidence shows and confirms that Earth, Venus and Mars have different atmospheres. In this essay, the evolution of atmosphere on Earth, Venus and Mars are compared and the current atmospheric conditions on these three planets are illustrated by showing the differences between them. Moreover, this essay describes how the atmosphere of Earth has allowed for life to originate, survive, and develop whist demonstrating how has life affected the atmosphere over time.
To begin with, comparing the formation and the evolution of the atmosphere on Earth and their neighbours Venus and Mars. It can be seen that all of them are mostly rocky objects and their atmospheres are compose of other elements except hydrogen and helium [8]. In this case, it can be observed that these three planets have a different comparing with other planets in our solar system because the atmospheric of other planets have a great number of hydrogen and helium but Earth, Venus and Mars have not [3]. In addition, Earth, Venus and Mars have a different in the atmospheric pressure. Mars has 0.006 bars, Earth has 1.013 bars and Venus has 92 bars [3]. Moreover, carbon dioxide is the major gas on Venus and Mars approximately 95 to 96 percent. On the other hand, Oxygen and Hydrogen is the main gases on Earth. Oxygen is a…

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