The At The Royal Palace Of Garroway Essay

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The last few weeks added up to being sent to the royal palace of Garroway. “Anastasia!” Yelled my mother. “Come it this house right now!” rolling my eyes, as I said, “Is there a good reason!” I yelled back. Rolling my eyes as I walked lazily back to our white house that look like all the others on the block. When I reached the house my mother exited the house hastily excited for an unknown reason. She nearly dragged me in the house pulling a crumpled piece of paper up to my face. “Do you know what this means?“ mom stated. “You will finally not be a disgrace to our family!” My mother squealed in excitement. “What do you mean?” I exclaimed trying to read the paper that my mother was waving around. My mother scowled at me and said angrily, “ It means you will be participating in the battle of colors, the greatest honor a family could have!” “That is if you are one of the four who survive” stated my mother. “What?” I starred at my mother stunned, trying to find the right words to scream for they all fumbled in my head. Three words repeated in my head, dead, dead, dead. All three of those words were not reassuring. “WHAT DO YOU MEAN!?!” I screamed so loud that my throat felt raw. Maybe I was dreaming. I had a dream like this, but never so real. Wake up. Wake up. I said quietly to myself. My mother looking so mad that her whole face turned red. What do I mean?!? I mean you should pack you bags for in two days you will be on your way to Garroway palace to become the queen that’s…

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