The Aspects Of Assisted Suicide And The Death Of Death

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Even though each one of us deals differently with the death concept, death is a common denominator for everyone, as all of us will eventually die. The unexpected death of a person and mostly the death of love one can affect seriously our psychological health as shown on Holmes and Rahe Social Readjustment Rating Scale in which the death of a spouse is the first on the list of forty-three traumatic life events. Suicide and murder are examples of traumatic unexpected death situations in which most people gets horrified. Similar to commit murder is the assisted suicide that should not be legalized.
Murder is considered as the act of deliberately taken away the life of a person by another person. On the other hand, the assisted suicide is the
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Doctors are not supposed to kills patients or even help them to kill themselves (McLachlan). Nowadays when a doctor graduate from school swear before they go into the world to some form of The Hippocratic Oath. Part of this oath clearly state that a doctor should not give a fatal medication to anyone if he or she were asked, nor will a doctor suggest any such thing (The hippocratic oath). It is obviously that a doctor reputation would be in jeopardy if the patient found out that his doctor, who has saved many lived, had also helped to commit suicide to others patients. How a patient could trust in a doctor whose role appears to be …show more content…
To those who believe there is life after death, the idea of committing suicide is distant from being a good idea. Most religions recognize the suicide as a sin that is against God who merciful gave us the joy of life. Kim Kuo who is Christian believes that “people--even doctors--are ill-equipped to play God in determining the end of life.” After her husband, who was given six to twelve month, lived for about ten years. For her, there is no one but God who can predict when a life would end

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