The Asian Muslims Essay

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Humans have many different characteristics that make up their identity. It could include their nationality, ethnicity, tribe, religion, etc. That is only one aspect of what makes an identity, the other would be how strong a person feels about one part of their identity over the other. If you asked an American citizen who they were, what would they answer? Would they say that firstly they are American, Baptist, White, or some other characteristic? Would they be willing to compromise the very values and ideas that make up their identity before the laws and government that rule over them? This gets to the point of the Central Asian Muslims in Xinjiang province of China. During the 18th Century the Manchus incorporated the land the Central Asian Muslims inhabited. The question lingered for the Qing Dynasty of how they would handle assimilating the Central Asian Muslims into their empire without trouble. On the surface it would be a tall order. The Central Asian Muslims practice a very different religion: Islam, from the Manchus. They have their own set up customs and live at the very extent of the Qing empire. Xinjiang literally translates to “New Frontier”. There 's also the problem of how the Central Asian Muslims will respond to their new rulers. Will they put up a fight, will they capitulate, or will they compromise?

With new rulers comes new rules, and with new rules comes new punishments if you break those rules. One of the most easily identifiable rules was the…

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