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A mummy is a type of fossil where the soft tissue of a living creature had been preserved after its death. The deterioration of organic tissue can be stopped in many ways, but the main categories used to describe the mummification process are natural and artificial. Artificial mummies are the most commonly known type, being well documented in Egypt but existing in other parts of the world. These mummies are “artificial” because they were not made by natural forces unaided by humans. There are many examples of artificial mummification, from Lady Dai in China, to the pharaohs and other high-ranking members of Egyptian society, to the Pazyryk Mummies from Southern Siberia. However, the process of Egyptian mummification is the best documented and …show more content…
There are three main ways that a body can be preserved in this way: through freezing, extreme drying, or via a peat bog. Unlike artificial mummification, these bodies are not prepared prior to burial, meaning they freeze in time in much more complicated poses, a consideration that can be difficult for their conservation. These mummies are some of the oldest in the world, predating the classic Dynastic Egyptian mummies and dating as far back as the Copper …show more content…
This number is then multiplied by “V” , the volume of the case in meters cubed, and the product of “N” and “t”, the air exchange rate per day and the maximum number of days on display, respectively. This calculated product is then divided by the product of “MH” and “F”, which both have to do with the buffering range of the silica gel and its limit placement on RH fluctuations. “Q” was found in kilograms, and a simple unit conversion was used to find this number in

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