The Article, Levels Of Processing : A Framework For Memory Research

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The article, Levels of Processing: A Framework for Memory Research (1972), reviews the evolution of models of human memory by gathering evidence from various sources in order to re-examine past arguments with new understandings and data. This review article covers the research on the multi-store theories of memory, such as the model established by Atkinson and Shiffrin in 1968, and alternate studies regarding the human memory. This review article is specifically directed towards those that are in the field of work such as psychologists or professors who may be interested in this topic in order to further their own professional work. However, this paper is not limited to targeting those with specialised qualification as students and others that are interested in the topic may use this article to gain an overview of the information available without going through a vast quantity of literature which may not cover all aspects of the topic.
The article explores concepts and theories relating to human memory and processing, whereby scientists study what memory is and what triggers this action. It is a topic that is often revised as misconceptions of the human mind are proven incorrect by new discoveries are made about this elusive subject matter due to difficulties in research methods. This topic falls under the field of psychology, a study of the psychological state of human behaviour. It is an applied science which focuses on both individuals and the masses by first…

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