The Article ' How Trolls Are Running The Internet ' Essay

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In the article “How Trolls Are Running the Internet” that was published in the cover of Time magazine on August 19th, 2016, Joel Stein starts with a subtitle that introduces his opinion about trolls that they are a negative aspect to the society and they affect people. Stein warns us to be aware of the trolls and at the same time emphasizes that not to keep thinking about how trolls can control you. They are gonna take much more time from you than you need. You are gonna end up not using it.
He sart talking about trolls in general. The author is not biased. Before, people had no internet so they used to depend on their brain to reach the information they need. Internet can help us but at the same time can affect us negatively. Now, we have to kill that pride and use the internet with its speed to give us more information to be smarter. If someone has nothing else to do other than the internet, then internet can negatively and socially kill you. Psychologist had studied the internet effect and found that internet dominate people 's life in a degree that no one will need to talk to others because we live on smart phones. It is dominating our life.
The author introduces the trolls as the people who are letting others to be subject to them. They define our freedom online and they take it away from us. He explains what the term trolls means, that is hunting for something, here hunting for victims online. The internet suggests that the trolls are trolling people for the fun…

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