Essay on The Article ' House Is This `` By Tal Litvak Hirsch

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"The article Whose House Is This" was written by Tal Litvak-Hirsch, Dan Bar-On, and Julia Chaitin, which is a research paper, and it presents good amount of credibility. As a student scholar, I like to emphasize on credential, and systematic research than opinion. These authors have been able to provide significantly higher trust on their research design. The article opens a discussion how one 's perception of the other contributes to process involved in the construction of collective identity. According to the authors, "this study focuses on processes involved in the construction of personal and collective identity in Israel from the perspective of perception of the 'other ' [Palestinian-Jew] (128)."

In this paper, the authors argue that personal and collective identities are often revealed in encounters between groups in conflict. In addition, we see Israeli and Palestine conflict as land and resources, when we lack to see the physiological trauma and feelings from both side. This research revealed the personal stories, and narratives from both side, which is important aspect to understand the intergroup conflict. The authors present analysis of interviews with Jewish and Palestinian university students, citizens of Israel, who participated in an encounter group seminar that focus on family life stories (129).

The authors used semi-structured interview method, which is widely used in flexible and multi-strategy designs. According to R & M text book, semi-structured…

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