The Art Of Walt Whitman And The Transcendentalist Movement

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Approximately two centuries have elapsed since the dissipation of a movement that completely transformed American culture. However, even after such prolonged time the influences scarred into the culture of American society from the Transcendentalist Movement still beam lively. The art of the Transcendentalists was an inclination towards the exploration and reforming of current beliefs of that era on spiritualism, literacy, and philosophy. “A religious, philosophical, and literary movement, Transcendentalism arose in New England…” (Milne 836-858). Furthermore, the Transcendentalist Movement was not originated during the interval of one day. Contrarily, Transcendentalism was given birth through the diverging and evolution of an already existing …show more content…
Born on May 31, 1819 in West Hills, New York, Whitman had a troublesome childhood. Surprisingly, Whitman did not even finish school due to the fact that he had to withdraw in order to aid his father in supporting the family. Despite Whitman’s future in literature being bleak; Whitman would later find a job in many newspaper editorials and would begin to convey his poetic ideas through a various publications and articles. “But Whitman proved to be volatile editor, with a sharp pen and a set of opinions that didn 't always align with his bosses o his readers. He backed what some considered radical positions on women 's property rights, immigration, and labor issues” ("Walt Whitman Biography Poet, Journalist (1819–1892)"). Major figures who influenced Walt Whitman during his lifetime were Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Bronson Alcott. Originally these men were dispatched to meet Whitman because they were impressed and were moved by this newcomer’s poetic skill. The basic beliefs that Walt Whitman practiced were closely related to that of Ralph Waldo Emerson 's and although the concept was the same, Whitman took the concept in an all new better direction. Whitman 's main goal was to spread a distinct style of literature that contained an "American Touch" and attempted to persuade many other authors and writers to leave trailing behind the old world’s literacy and establish a more American Democratic style. Modern time impacts left behind by Walt Whitman was the distinct styles of poetry that don’t abide by the regular norms such as rhyme or pattern. Whitman developed a shapeless style of poetry that works concretely as long as the author of the work knows how to develop his

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