Essay on The Art Of The Museum

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Artists and their artwork are heavily influenced by the styles and movements of their time. The two paintings I viewed at the museum were part of a particular movement that effected their personal style and is easily seen throughout the works. The paintings have many similarities being from the same movement, but the closer I looked at the paintings and began to analyze them, I realized how different they were. The artists use the similar styles and techniques, yet the end product is drastically different. The first work I looked at was The Sea at Le Havre (1868, oil in canvas) by Claude Monet. This particular painting was from the Impressionist movement. It depicts an almost baron shore, with choppy waves. There is a sail boat close to the beach. The day seems to be gloomy and dark, as shown from the dark blue and gray colors used to paint the sky. There is not a whole lot going on in this painting, making the unblended brush strokes more visible and giving the painting style more attention. Monet was one of the first Impressionist painters, so his works are solid examples of what Impressionism’s goals were and the characteristics the paintings in that movement had. A very central part of Impressionist was they way the artist’s used their brush. They purposely left the paint unblended and in thick layers. This is seen clearly in The Sea at Le Havre. All of the individual brush strokes can be seen still as they add depth and contrast to the painting. These brush strokes…

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