The Art Of Hairdressing ; It Has Been Around For Centuries Essay

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The art of hairdressing; It has been around for centuries. First appearing in egyptian hieroglyphic. Hairdressing, previously known as barbering, is a profession that arose during ancient times. Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians were the first to practice this profession.

It has always been a form of expression and a major symbol in cultures and their religions, having a different meaning throughout cultures. In ancient Egypt, majority of the children 's heads were shaved except for the side, where an s shaped curl was left. This was known as the Lock of youth, the hieroglyphic symbol of a child. Both boys and girls age, they were able to chose their own hairstyles.The hairstyles also depend on wealth, age, and social class. Wealthy women would wear wigs with decorative ribbons and ornaments in them. They also had diadems, jeweled crones made from gold. The lower class women would wear veils and use berries and leaves to decorate hair. Veils were originally made for the wealthy women,but they rejected them and lower class women wore them because it was believed to be a sign of social mobility. Parasites and scalp issues were common in ancient times, so they would shave their heads to avoid infections. The Egyptians believed that hair holds power and spirits can come and go through the scalp .

In Ancient Greek, the barber profession became popular. Men had long hair and beards that they would trim and style. It was important to the men to keep the hair and beards…

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