The Arguments Between Globalization And Anti Globalization Essay example

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The arguments between globalization and anti-globalization is an idea that has going back and forth for many years both have their advantages and disadvantages. One of the main concerns against globalization are those that are considered to be in the bottom billion of the world. This concern centers on the future of the “Bottom Billion” and if they lie in the hands of the “haves” of the world. Another question that pops up is if the countries that already do have high standards of living can share the resources with the less developed countries.
Globalization has essentially made the concept of comparative advantage more relevant than ever (Investopedia, 2015). Globalization has been defined as a country’s ability to produce a good or service more efficiently and inexpensively than another. This is a great thing for those countries that have already advanced beyond those that are still developing to become competitive. The bad part however, is that those that are developing are at a strong disadvantage and this is what creates a cycle of where these developing countries never get to the next step and advance from developing to a developed country status. Comparative advantage has been able to influence the way a country’s economy has worked since countries first started to trade with each other many centuries ago (Investopedia, 2015). This comparative advantage is a great concept and benefit that has come out of globalization. It has allowed and shown that…

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