The Argument Of Questioner And Its State That The Believers Attitude Has Terrible Consequences

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In Philosophical Dilemmas, an augment state that the believers attitude has terrible consequences. And a person should have some good reason to back up anything he or she believes in. The person that believe in this argument is a questioner. And questioner believe that there has to be hard evidence to believe in it, so like facts because you know that it exist and you can see it yourself. So a questioner doesn’t believe in faith. But in many religions faith is held up as an important standard of right. People that believe in questioner go after people that are religious. They argue that, “how do you know that god exist.” Children are told by their parents what religion to follow when they were toddler, but as children got older they never ask the question why we follow this religion. One of the argument of questioner is parents tell their children what to believe in and which religion to have faith in. As little kids they listen to their parents and follow what religion their parents believe in. But your parents doesn’t have evidence that God exists. As well as, priests and rabbis, they are look up as authorities. And they tell people to trust them and to have faith, priests and rabbis do what the religious authority say. An example of faith is when your parents teach you how to ride a bike without training wheels and the first few time you tried you fell and got hurt. But your parents and you didn’t give up that you can ride the bike because you believed in yourself that…

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