Essay on The Arctic Of Arctic Fox

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What if a species is declining uncontrollably, but there is lack of response and awareness to these regions needing help? The Arctic fox is currently of least concern for extinction, however it is important to analyze the trends since they are looking grim for future populations (SOURCE). Vulpes lagopus (Arctic Fox) populations are declining in the Nordic and North American regions of the world. Climate change is also an increasing concern for the planet and could be related to the declining distribution of arctic foxes. Arctic fox decline in population distribution and climate change may have potential effects. Distribution of Arctic foxes range from inland to coastal regions and they have different coping mechanisms and availability of prey or susceptibility to disease. Climate change is also investigated to see if it relates to the decline of the arctic fox in some way. This is because this species is typically from northern regions and climate change is affecting these regions greatly (SOURCE). This affects the arctic foxes since their whole environment is altered, and they need new mechanisms to adapt. There may be a domino effect since climate change may positively affect their predators or competition species and may negatively affect their prey. Other factors that affect the Arctic Fox are the human interactions noted in history and still occurring in present times with the hunting for fox fur (SOURCE). Therefore, increased scientific evidence shows climate change…

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