Essay about The Arab Israeli Conflict Between Arabs And Arabs

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One of the heated and contentious conflicts over the last 50 years is without a doubt the Arab-Israeli conflict. With this cauldron of ethnic and religious nationalism, self-determination and territorial disputes it is no wonder why this conflict is so heated. But if one were to examine the impacts of clashing nationalisms between Arabs and Palestinians as well as the rise and Pan-Arabism on the conflict from 1967 to 1993, one will see how the modern state of the Arab-Israeli conflict was formed. These two factors, nationalistic conflict and Pan-Arabism, have had some of the most significant impacts on the conflict because they show the transition of the Arab-Israeli conflict from a regional battle between the Israelis and the Arab States to a localized battle for self determination between the Israelis and Palestinians. This transition is best exemplified through two specific events from the 20th century, the 1967 War and the First Intifada. The impact of this transition made the Arab-Israeli conflict a more localized ordeal that gave the Palestinians a nationalist identity and an international voice. The Middle East in the 1950s saw a series of Arab military coups that replaced former kings with nationalist military leaders in Egypt, Iraq and Syria. Egypt, under Gam Abdel Nasser, became one of the strongest and most powerful Arab states in the region and began to ring the bells of Arab unity. Nasser envisioned a Middle East where the Arabs could form a single union and…

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