The Antebellum And Civil War Essay

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Antebellum and Civil War America (1793-1865)
William Dedman
Eastern Kentucky University
African/African-American Studies Program
GE Essay Assignment
Dr. Norma Threadgill-Goldson

Margaret Walker said, “Handicapped as we have been by a racist system of dehumanizing slavery and segregation, our American history of nearly five hundred years reveals that our cultural and spiritual gifts brought from our African past are still intact.” By making this statement, Mrs. Walker was reflecting on the discrimination, segregation and isolation African Americans endured in the American society; however, they were able to hold on to their culture and beliefs throughout and never gave up fighting for their rights. The worst treatment of African Americans occurred from 1793 until the end of the American Civil War. Following the Revolutionary War, during the Antebellum Period, Southern plantations began to shift production to cotton, an extremely labor-intense but profitable crop. Demand for cotton had risen during the war when textiles from Europe were cut off, and continued to rise after the war as the textile industry mechanized and the Industrial Revolution began in England and New England. Southern plantation owners depended on a slave labor force to cultivate and harvest the crop; therefore, along with the rise in demand for cotton, so was the demand for slave labor. In 1808, the federal ban on importing slaves became effective, ending the international slave trade…

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