Essay The Anniversary Of The Cuban Missile Crisis

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Television presenter: As many of you may be aware, today marks the anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis. To celebrate this we have brought a well renowned historian to conduct a t.v news special for tonight. Would you please join me in welcoming Kyle Smyth, who will speak at length today with us about the long term significance of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Expert historian: The conflict began in October 1962 and lasted for 13 days between the two superpowers of the era; The Soviet Union and the United States. Although there was never any confrontation between the two during the conflict, as affirmed by one of Kennedy’s chief advisors, it’s regarded by many as ‘the most frightening time the United States has been through’ (Chomsky, 2012). This was due to how fatal the outcome would have been if the conflict escalated into nuclear war. The Cuban missile crisis never resulted in nuclear warfare due to both sides fearing the outbreak of World War three.

Focus question 1: The conflict originated when a United States U2 spy plane spotted Soviet Union ballistic missiles in Cuba. Kennedy reacted by calling upon all his advisors, including his brother, Robert F Kennedy to see how they should approach the incident. The ‘joint chiefs of staff argued for an air strike to destroy the missiles’ (Us department of State, 31/10/13). Instead, Kennedy ignored his advisors his as he ‘did not want to escalate to war so quickly’ (Harvard Kennedy School) and instead decided on a blockade…

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