The And The Faces Of The Poor By Charles Cunningham Essays

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Social identity, the classification and organization of heterogeneous people based on physical characteristics, is perhaps, one of the most prominent abstraction used in modern discourse. The need to belong to a group has increased; though identification has played a role in how we perceive ourselves and those around us, unfortunately at least one group is put at a disadvantage due to the categorized label that society condemns them off. In Charles Cunningham’s article, To Watch the Faces of the Poor’: Life Magazine and the Mythology of Rural Poverty in the Great Depression, Cunningham speaks of middle-class population wanting to be seen as “the pioneers” (Cunningham 207) as opposed to “blacks” or “white trash” due to the images presented by Life magazine. While Delph-Janiurek’s article, Sounding Genre (Ed): Vocal Performance in English University Teaching Spaces shows the abstract of identity closely linked by discriminatory stereotypes; the result of subjective interpretations in human characteristics caused by dominant societal beliefs and perceptive taxonomical. And in Marcia Crosby’s article, Construction of the Imaginary Indian shows the constructed image of the First Nation as the necessary negative counterpart to Western colonialist hegemony and the spread of eugenics at the pseudo-Indian. These three articles look at social identity and social roles placed upon classification and organization of people, in turn, has created many controversial issues. In this paper,…

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