The And Spade : Rape Culture Or The Culture That Surrounds And Promotes Rape

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Boswell and Spade examine rape culture or the culture that surrounds and promotes rape. Boswell and Spade examine fraternity lifestyle on college campuses, and how they believe fraternities are prone to higher sexual aggression and a higher acceptance of rape myths. Boswell and Spade believe that sexual aggression is taught in these fraternities where there is a large value placed on social life and recreational activities, such as drinking and drug use. Boswell and Spade explain that men’s sexuality is viewed as natural, uncontrollable and acceptable while a women’s sexuality is seen as shameful. They believe there is an immense double standard in society. To test their assumptions, they evaluated a high-risk fraternity house and a low-risk fraternity house and two local bars attended by college students and examined the situations at these respective establishments that may set up the stage for the occurrence of rape.
The results attained concluded that parties at high-risk houses treated women less respectfully, and the gender ratio was skewed. While at low-risk houses, there was open conversation, an even gender ratio, and a friendlier atmosphere. In the two bars surveyed, one consisting of older students, and the other of younger students; it was found that the bar consisting of younger students had an environment similar to the high-risk fraternity environment, the only difference was the unavailability of bedrooms upstairs and brothers did not control the…

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