The And Its Impact On The Church Essay

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According to a leading research study institute, The Barna Group, reported nearly six in ten (59%) young Christians end up becoming inactive church members or fall away from the faith. Another book entitled, Already Gone, based on a 2009 research from American’s Research Group revealed that two thirds of young people are leaving the church when they go to college. Devil’s thrust directed at the youth embraced the formation of a postmodern attitude and emergence of superficial Christianity. The lack of the family’s spiritual influence and the isolation of the church’s function play the ultimate role in reasons why millennials leave the faith and the church. Strengthening the spiritual life of families and changing the focus of the church will develop and empower the faith of youth, thus keeping them in the church.
There are countless reasons and issues why youths are leaving the church. However, through recent research many of them are considered myths, one of it being the influence of public universities. Many argue that the young maturing Christian exposed in a ungodly and harsh environments where many courses and professors beat questioning concepts that are contrary to the biblical teachings. It shows some of its effect on one’s spiritual journey but it may be stretching a bit. The Barna Group research shows that most millennials are emotionally and spiritually disconnected though not necessarily physically disconnected, from their church before their sixteenth birthday.…

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