The And Its Effects On The Earth Essay

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Geologically, we can divide the outer core of the earth into two parts which are lithosphere and asthenosphere. Lithospheric shell contains a number of major breaks which can be referred as plate boundaries. Lithosphere sits on Asthenosphere, which is the portion of the mantle, causing the plates to move around as its solid and ductile properties. When we think about the movements of plate tectonics, we generally come up with the idea of dramatic natural disasters which destroy and derive numerous lives from the earth, however, plate tectonics contribute to many benefits to human society through the rock cycle which provides us many meaningful natural resources.
Human’s life on the Earth is so fragile, because we are so small compared to the earth underneath our feet, thus, when the plates move, severe destructions will happen to human beings. Volcanoes, earthquakes and Tsunami are consequences of the Earth’s internal mobility, when rock within the Earth suddenly break and slip along a fault, it generates shockwave causing the surface of the Earth to vibrate which we call an earthquake. Volcanoes, normally associated with rock cycle, in this case is magma, the mixture of molten rock which reaches the Earth’s surface through a volcano. When the earthquake happens at subduction zone this generate tsunami and pose a potential danger to coastal communities and islands that dot the Pacific. Evidently, the tectonic plates also involve with the climate change when oceans associate…

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