The And God And Augustine Essay

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The Greek philosopher Plato and the North African theologian Augustine from Northern Africa are two of the most influential and remembered philosophers in history. Plato lived in Athens from 428 to 347 B.C. and wrote many pieces of literature based on his finding and thoughts, some of them include, The Apology, The Republic, and The Allegory of the Cave. Augustine from Hippo lived from 354 to 430 A.D. wrote several books, two of his most famous books is named, The City of God and Augustine: Account of His Own Conversion. Although both men walked this earth many years ago their thoughts and works still remain as great pieces of literature. By examining these philosophers work one can observe the differences and similarities between their worldviews and how they viewed reality. Philosopher means “lover of wisdom,” which is exactly what Plato and Augustine are, they are lovers of wisdom, striving to figure out what in the world is going on with the world and the people in it. By studying their books one can see the similarities and differences between the Plato’s idealism and Augustine realism especially in regards to religion, government, wisdom as well as and reality.
The first major difference between Plato and Augustine was their view on reality or the world. Plato was an idealist and Augustine was a realist. Plato has this idea in his head of what the ideal version of the world should resemble. In an ideal society only a select few that were natural leaders and thus…

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