The And Disease Of The Apocalypse Essay example

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War and disease have almost always been seen as parallel to one another. For instance, in the Judeo-Christian Bible disease and war are two of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Furthermore, French philosopher, Voltaire claimed that they were the “ingredients to a wretched world.” Now in the 21st century, Emmanuel Urey, a student, in response to the Ebola outbreak has added to this metaphor by stating that “[Liberia] just finished fighting a war, and now we have another one.” In other words, he is agreeing that disease and war are one in the same. While war and disease have hidden similarities on an infected society such as the deconstruction of social order it also builds and puts legal and medical institutions front and center in response to outbreaks. Although there have been changes in structural politics and medicine over time both notions provide insight into the ways society recovers and create antibodies to prevent future outbreaks. This paper will discuss scientist Jared Diamond’s four characteristics of disease epidemic, but will focus only on two of them—disease as an acute illness where infected people either die or recover and how those who survive, create antibodies and are left immune—to highlight the parallels of war and disease. It will also comparatively look at how societies inflicted by disease have changed over time and look at the way memory has been recorded and how the concept of memory of an infected city creates legal and medical institutions…

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