The Analysis : The Help, There Are Many Instances Of Dramatistic Criticism

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The Help Paper

Throughout the novel The Help, there are many instances of Dramatistic Criticism. The first principal of Dramatistic Criticism is hierarchy. Hierarchy is fundamental to human symbolism. This principle of hierarchy does not allow for rest. There is always something that we believe we need or want to make us better (Payne, p. 267-268). In order to be on top of the pyramid of hierarchy, you must be the richest, the best and the most beautiful. The Help reveals the inner workings of how segregated society is during the United States Civil Rights Movement. With the US rapidly growing, there are a vast variety of social and economic classes being formed. According to, race was one of the largest determining factors of hierarchy in the 1960’s. Race determined how much access one had to educational, economical, as well as occupational opportunity. Many would do anything to keep the Civil Rights Movement from taking effect in their town. The racial pressures were so high that the whites use violence on those who would speak out against them. Whites could easily accuse blacks of doing things that they didn’t even do if they’re unhappy with them (Payne, p. 270-271). Hilly Holbrook is on top of the pyramid of hierarchy. Many look up to her and always listen to what she has to say. This is because Hilly is a very wealthy white woman. She married a future politician, and she is the president of the Junior League. Hilly incites the need for the social…

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