Essay about The Amish Way Of Life And Their Community

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There are many values that undergird the Amish way of life and their community as a whole which provides a basis for everything they do. These values work together to keep the Amish balanced and provide a firm foundation for the Amish people in their daily lives. The Amish is a culture found in North America that originates from the Protestant Reformation in Europe. They are considered Christians in the common sense who separate themselves from the outside, modern world. Their community has many values they practice on a daily basis to follow the doctrines of their faith. The Amish value simplicity in their daily lives, which is one of many values central to the Amish community and their purpose. In modern society, organizations also embody certain values that are enforced through certain rules, rituals, and symbols, much like that of the Amish culture. An organization that I am a member of, First Baptist Church in Moberly, Missouri embodies the value of obedience, which members strive to practice in and outside of the church. This is just one value that many members believe are essential to the organization. Although these values mean different things and are practiced and symbolized in different ways by the Amish culture and my organization, the purpose behind these values is the same.
The value of simplicity is an important aspect of the Amish culture. This value is lived out in many ways by the Amish on a daily basis; most noticeably is the simple attire of the Amish…

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