The American With Disabilities Act Essay

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The American with Disabilities Act is a document that had been turned down by congress back in 1988. Congress felt that the original document must be re written and brought to their attention at a later date. As the years went on the document had been looked over and re written. Finally, the document was passed and signed in the White House on July 26, 1990.
The Americans with Disabilities Act was a document that many fought for. Parents of children with disabilities all banded together to stop their children from feeling segregated. This act had begun due to the anger of those parents. It was neither one parent nor one group that made this change. It took thousands to take a stand that finally led to a change. This document is in place thanks to the small town advocacy groups, the town hall meetings, and the rallies that finally made it on prime time television. Those who fought for this act contributed much of their time for such a positive ending.
The final straw for The Americans with Disability act to be passed was due to the disability movement. This movement was set out to open Americans eyes on the daily struggles those with disabilities must face. The idea of this movement came from the Civil Rights movement. Those advocating for this movement chose to illustrate their point visually. They proved their point when the disabled were constantly trying to fit on busses not equipped for them or sitting in a building that also was not equipped for them.
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