The American Revolution : The United States Essay

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The American Revolution came about around 1775. It took place on the east coast, which is the United States. It was a problem going on with the thirteen colonies as well as it being a problem with the Great Britain. There were numerous of situations that had taken place causing the American Revolution to blow up the way it did. There was a conflict between the colonies they didn’t like the way they were being treated by Great Britain. They felt as if they weren’t being treated the way that they should have been. Americans as a whole started to think they should have all the rights of the Englishman while the British thought differently about the situation, the British felt the colonies should have been used to best fit for the crown and the parliament. The Americans started to feel a certain type of way when they seen they wasn’t being represented how they wanted to be when it came to the British parliament. But yet the British government was able to do what they please and tax them whenever they wanted to.
The American Revolution politically led to many factors like the declaration of independence, the Boston tea party, common sense, the Boston massacre, and the English monarchy controlling other colonies. As far as the American Revolution economically it led to many factors as well dealing with the taxes situation, trade, and other things as well. The American Revolution had cultural factors that led to the problem also, say around the 1600’s as well as the 1700’s the…

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