Essay on The American Revolution : A Country Of Hope

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The American Revolution was a political conflict where colonists in new American colonies fought against English authority, and founded their own country, the United States of America. Being continents apart, colonial America and Britain were very different and required new ways of life. America was seen as a safe haven for anyone and everyone. Religious toleration and new economic opportunities were a big part of its rise. New lifestyles were made and new laws and systems were beginning to form. Soon people began questioning the government of England and its rules. They contrived new ideas of their own government that will assure equality for everyone. In the end, colonial America was formed from the queries of English rule, by its people whom made and incorporated new ideas for a better country. Colonial America was a new land with promises of property, liberty, and religious toleration. Many countries in Europe harbored religious persecution and many people didn’t know where to go. America was advertised as a country of hope, and upon arrival many immigrants agreed entirely. Thousands upon thousands of immigrants came for a better, freer life. In 1769, a German immigrant wrote a letter to his family describing the thoughts of many immigrants who found success in America, “…I will tell you what will not surprise you—that we have a free country” (Johannes Hanner, Letter by an Immigrant to Pennsylvania, p. 61). He then goes off and tells of the freedoms and…

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