The American Of African American History Essay

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Most of African American history has been overshadowed by pain, suffering and a terrible sense of dehumanization. From the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, to Jim Crowe and on, black people in America have been subject to injustice for hundreds of years. However, throughout the years there has been figure after figure that stood up for African Americans. From Nat Turner to W.E.B. DuBois, to Malcolm X to Rosa Parks, these individuals took a stand for what they believed in. What they believed in was a color-blind Constitution, a country united, and equal opportunities for all, including African Americans. Many prominent figures paved the way for African-American’s to achieve a sense of social equality. One influential individual was named Nat Turner. Nat Turner was a slave in Virginia who led a rebellion of slaves and free blacks in 1831. During this revolt, Turner and his rebels would kill close to sixty white people in a span of forty hours. This rebellion would lead to white militias killing over 200 African-Americans on their quest to stop the rebellion. The rebels would go from one plantation to the next and steal food, horses and weapons while freeing other slaves to join their rebellion. Virginia legislators would begin to target free blacks with a colonization bill that funded the removal of African-Americans, as well as a bill that denied free African-Americans the right to a trial by jury.
On top of denying them a trial by jury, any free African-American that was…

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