The American Hero Abraham Lincoln Essay

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Lincoln Essay

On of the most storied men throughout history has been that of the American hero Abraham Lincoln. He was present during the time of the civil war in America and I will go in depth discussing, “Lincolns Hundred Days” a book about the war and how each side felt during the time of the emancipation proclamation being announced to it being signed in. Slavery was not ended entirely by the war itself but rather by people being informed about politics and taking a stand for beliefs. Harvard Professor Theophilus Parson suggested a radical plan of returning slaves to the army by considering them contraband. (Pg. 26) This suggested a large interest for the first time by a prominent professor into politics and shifted how the war was thought of. (Pg.26) Part of this view was that Lincoln had the main goal of saving the union and not necessarily eradicating slavery right away. Part of this newfound enthusiasm was due to men like John Charles Fremont. Fremont freed all the slaves in the state of Missouri behind the Confiscation Act. (Pg. 24-25) By Fremont taking a issuing an action Lincoln was forced to take a stance on slavery and translated this into altering Fremont’s decree. (Pg.26) With this happening Lincoln was finally forced to evolve his stance from saving just the Union to saving slaves as well. The view that evolved into the North’s stance eventually was that of slavery being permanently abolished to fully reunite America.(Pg.45-46). However, with this growing…

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