The American Education System Should Be Reformed Essay

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The main American ideals include democracy, rights, liberty, opportunity, and equality. These ideals need to be reflected in all aspects of American life in order for America to continue going strong. The American education system should be reformed to better incorporate the core American ideals. Students, after a certain age of course, have to be able to participate in the educational process equally and fairly through more customization, just as American citizens participate in the political process. Cathy Davidson, author of Now You See It, gives an interesting illustration and critique of the American education system through the chapter “Project Classroom Makeover.” Davidson explains how, while working with Duke University, she was able to help the University make students more involved in their learning experience. The American education system needs to be a metaphorical democracy, allowing everyone to be involved in the process. Davidson seeks for a “democratization of knowledge” (Davidson 54), which will ultimately cause students to be more interested in learning and will allow the American education system to further American ideals. Standardization of curriculum is something that halts the opportunity for customization and freedom in the education system. Rather than students being able to choose what they want to learn, they are told what they have to learn. This simply does not reflect American ideals and their motives. Davidson feels as though the reason for…

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