Criminal Justice System To Be Complex Essay

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I believe the criminal justice system to be complex. Complex meaning there are different rules and regulations that can put freedoms at risk. Freedoms and equalities set by the documents that regulate our country and justice system. Are we getting those freedoms? Are we upholding the documents of our country and doing what is right? Or are there too many controversies to know. To know if we are doing the right thing in punishing criminals and going about procedures.
I feel there is too many aspects to say if we are doing this right. We all have our own opinions and who is to say what is right or not? The documents that make up our country don’t say exactly how to run the criminal justice system. They only set the guidelines to how we should run things. The rest is up to
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It’s said that young black males are more likely to be frisked and questioned compared to a young white man. I think police feel threatened by minorities or they lack trust for them. Which leads them to be more suspicious of those of color. Yes there is people of color in the criminal justice system. But the numbers are small compared to the white officers, usually having more authority. Do more african americans end up in the system because of this? And are they more likely to end up in jail because of this? I feel these are all contributing factors for the criminal justice system being corrupt.
I think we have done better over the years but we are not there yet. We are not to the point of having a fair and equal justice system. There are many things we have yet to look at, more than I have stated in this paper. I believe it is our job to say something is wrong. There is still the question of do we all believe there is a problem with the system? I think that’s where it can all start. That’s when change will begin, when we all see a problem. But as I said there are many different sides and debates to everything in the criminal justice

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