The American Dream Essay

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The American Dream is a belief that socioeconomic success is available to each and every citizen in the United States of America, regardless of belief, social class, race, gender, etc. There is undeniably an “…underlying connection between the education one receives and the resulting cultural capital that can manifest…” (Rysdam, 2012, pg. 586). Our country today places a large emphasis on creating literate citizens through education, capable of receiving and communicating ideas with other people in society, which leads to this socioeconomic success. When all of this information is compiled, it seems very hopeful that any one citizen, regardless of the starting point, could become educated in America, leading to a prosperous lifestyle. However, there may be a darker side to this ideal, stemming from the current social class that an individual is in and the biased education they will consequently receive. It is a very prominent reality that varying economic classes are taught curriculum differently, starting as early as elementary school. Evidence to this claim can be found in a study conducted by Jean Anyon in 1980, regarding five schools, all having different average social class within the attending students and their families. By spending a full academic year as an observer in each of these schools Anyon (1980) concluded that each institution “… emphasize[d] different cognitive and behavioral skills in each social setting and thus contribute to the development in the…

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