The Theme Of Death In The Great Gatsby

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In F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, a precise depiction of American society throughout the 1920’s the story follows a man “James Gats” who claws his way from rags to riches, even with Gats new founded success he endures this simple truth even with his new found wealth he isn’t allowed the pleasures enjoyed by those born into the upper class. Over the course of the novel Fitzgerald’s depiction of the decay of the American Dream was the overwhelming and unescapable theme that stood out most and it should be examine. Fitzgerald quarrels that the American Dream no longer represent the noble pursuit of progress instead, The Ideology of the American Dream grossly tainted and now focus on materialistic gains and corruption of these with wealth.
Fitzgerald’s design in this novel was to tell one story while expressing another story within the first story which is define as an allegory. The Awful Conclusion of Jay Gatsby Death should be the defining extension that leads to the representation to the death of the American Dream. Fitzgerald, considered the true American Dream is illustrated by a “spirit of perseverance and hope”; with
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Gatsby and the other characters of the novel story were a metaphoric presentation for Fitzgerald’s actual message the American Dream, formerly a pure and monumental ideology, has been tainted and society has buried the moral and ethical code of the American Dream and furthermore the American Dream is forced into the graved by the inhuman hollowness of money. Nick Carraway represent this idea because as an outsider to the life of the wealth and new corrupt American Dream, as an honest man whose living around the hallow crowd of the wealth. The Great Gatsby has been depicting as the eulogy of Jay Gatsby; that is a common error, The Great Gatsby is solely the eulogy of an Ideology which once was great in nature, but now is nothing but mere fantasy and cannot ever

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