Analysis Of Charles A. Reich's The Greening Of America

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Throughout the excerpt from the book, “The Greening of America” written by Charles A. Reich, he interprets his theory, emphasizes the differences, and explicates what Consciousness I, II, and III are per his model. Reich starts off by stating that the American Dream is “—the dream shared by the colonists and the immigrants…. —a dream premised on human dignity, a dignity that made each man an equal being in a spiritual sense, and envisioned a community based upon individual dignity”. This feeds from the fact that people came to America to be granted freedom. They believed to not be held up by other countries rules, customs, and traditions. Many decided to come here, to America, to be an individual and to be able to present themselves as the …show more content…
In certain ways, Reich is stating characteristics that lead us to know how and why the “model” is created or even the topics of interest, has been taught to us in this history course “1776”.
It is pretty clear that Consciousness I is “There’ll always be aggression and a struggle for power, and there’ll always be a pecking order”, as he stated. Charles Reich is stating here that there will always be competition within people and people who have power will tend to abuse that role. At the beginning of this it was not all that it was made out to be. As he stated it is not all rags to riches. One might be poor and quickly bounce back, but everything is not shown materialistically. Consciousness I portrays the view as a rural farmer and small business people that are very dominant throughout this century. This happened to be in the 19th century of America. Wait, this must be talking about Agrarian America. The Agrarian America consists of the South, also known as the Planters. The first part of his excerpt focuses on how one brings their beliefs about life, traditions, etc., and facing them towards changes that happen every day. During this time, we searched for challenges and chose to be

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