The American Dream And Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay

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Martin Luther King, Jr. uses his powerful voice throughout his works to draw on the hearts of his audience by tapping into their moral compasses. King has an impressive understanding on the influence that the argumentative appeal, ethos, has on his readers. By using ethos, King is able to appeal to the character of every single one of his readers. This allows his works to seem more personal, therefore resulting in a bigger influence on his audience. In “The American Dream” and “Letter From Birmingham Jail,” King uses the appeal to ethos by touching on the topics of moral obligations and the needs of children. Martin Luther King understood the importance of a strong opening line. He understood how necessary it was to immediately create a connection with his audience. In both “The American Dream” and “Letter From Birmingham Jail,” King begins by addressing the audience in a manner of respect. King begins “Letter From Birmingham Jail” by addressing his audience as “My Dear Fellow Clergymen” (King, “Letter” 1). In “The American Dream,” King begins his work by addressing the his present audience by saying, “President Oxnam, members of the faculty, and members of the student body of this great institution of learning, ladies and gentlemen” (King, “The American Dream” 1). By doing so, King is showing his intended audience that he respects their titles, their works, their professions, and themselves as people. This allows King to show his own character, therefore granting him the…

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