The American Dream And Happiness Essays

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The American Dream and Happiness

American dream could be looked at being more materialism than anything else. It is the ability and the financial capacity to make money and buy whatever you want to, for yourself or for your family, including family trip, having fun etc. Jay Gatsby, the main character or the novel “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald in one hand, and Willy Loman, the principal figure of the play written “The Dead of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller, in the other hand, are an illustration of the pursuit of the American dream in their story. If there are some similarities in the course of their life, as far as realizing the American dream and fulfilling their happiness are concerned, there are differences in the path each of them followed to achieve the material richness and what happiness really mean to each of them.

Gatsby and Willy, though from two different social classes, share the same belief of American dream and each of them does what he could to achieve the material wealth and fulfill their needs.
Gatsby is a wealthy man; he belongs to the upper class of the society and lives in a luxurious mansion in a highly reputed town of New York. He is able to throw every weekend a very expensive party in his property and socialize with other rich people of the area. He could be defined as someone who has reached or realized his American dream, as Sara Rimer cites on her article: “They all understand what it is to strive for something.” Willy is a…

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