The American Dream : A Dream Of A Better, Richer, And Happier Life

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American Dream
Adam wrote that the, “American Dream of a better, richer, and happier life for all of our citizens of every rank which is the greatest contribution we have as yet made to the thought and welfare of the world” (American). Many people come to America with a vision in mind that will further and brighten their future. The American dream has been prevalent in America since the day it was founded. A dream can be found everywhere, in love this every person, no matter who they are or what they think. The American Dream is special, it is a reoccurring wish that persists through the colonial, revolutionary time periods and during the struggle of slavery, however the Bible warns about being too connected to worldly objects.
During the colonial time period, the American Dream played a major part in the lives of William Bradford and Anne Bradstreet. William Bradford lived in England and was apart of the colonial time as well, but mainly apart of the puritan movement specifically, which was controversial at the time. The Church harassed Bradford so much that; he finally decided to come to America. He and his group of fellow puritans “were going to America in search for a better life” (Bradford). He actually helped to start American off as to how it would eventually become, as it is known now. He was the platform for all of the people with the American dream that follow after him. Anne Bradstreet went to, “New England with her husband in 1630 and lived the rest of her life…

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