The American Disability Act Has Impacted People With Disabilities

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The American Disability Act has impacted people with disabilities by allowing them to have more independence, inclusion, equality of opportunity, and full participation in their lives. According to the National Council on Disability (2007), many Americans with disabilities have stated to have better access to goods and services from businesses, state and local governments, and their local communities. Also, people with mobility impairments have had significant improvements in physical access to transportation, government agencies, and businesses. Employees with disabilities also claim to receive accommodations and are less likely to be dismissed because of their disabilities. Another country where legal protection for people with disabilities is provided at the federal and state level is in Mexico. In Mexico, every state has passed their own laws and regulations concerning the rights of people with disabilities. In areas such as transportation, health care, tourism, housing, employment, and education there are federal laws amended to protect people with disabilities. However, Mexico has not enacted a far-reaching structure such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. In the first article of the Mexican Constitution it states that discrimination against people with disabilities is prohibited. They adopted the Inter-American Convention for the objective of preventing and eliminating all types of discrimination against people with disabilities and to support their…

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