The American Correctional System : An Effective Way Of Dealing With Crime

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Crime is a big problem in this world today, and how we treat these criminals that commit these crimes varies among different parts of the world. The traditional prisons today are designed to punish and hold prisoners till they have served their sentence. In Norway, there are prisons that, instead of just letting the prisoner sit and rot, they focus more on rehabilitation. Norway names this concept “restorative justice”. It is believed that instead of punishing these criminals, they must do, as they describe, “aims to repair the harm caused by crime”. The question is, can these methods be used anywhere else? The American correctional system should take some concepts of restorative into consideration because there is proof that restorative justice is an effective way of dealing with crime and reducing it in the process. In America the main idea is to take the prisoner and lock them up for however long the time is that they are given by the court system. American prisons are full of inmates, these prisons are even overflowing with people. In Norway their prison population was below 4,000 inmates out of the 5 million people in the year 2014. Theses staggering numbers are opening people’s eyes to these new methods of discipline and causing people to wonder if rehabilitation could be a good possibility of them being implemented elsewhere. In America, the incarceration rate is at 707 per 100,000. In America, there is definitely an issue with the incarceration process because many…

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